The warmth and character of wood. The unique grain pattern illustrates both the time and place of the tree’s growth. Wood’s true beauty emerges gradually and develops a subtle, yet rich, patina that gives every piece of door its own personality.In other words, processing a log into veneer lets us maximize the added value that we can obtain from a log. No other natural product is able to offer this unique added value.

Regular Teak

Native to southern Asia,Widely grown on plantations throughout tropical regions of Africa, Asia, and Latin America.Heartwood tends to be a golden or medium brown, with color darkening with age.Grain is straight, though it can occasionally be wavy or interlocked. 

Golden Teak

Like true teaks, golden teak is a hardwood. It grows slowly and steadily, developing wood which is very dense and sturdy. Golden teak also has a rich tone and a fine grain which can mesh well with a variety of home designs. As the name implies, it often has a golden color which may be enhanced through staining.


It is native to India,Presence of hints of coarse grains with the shiny and silky smooth texture, compared to the glossy finish of artificial polishes.Even texture with an orange/yellow-red to deep purple with black bars color range.


Padauk wood is obtained from several speices of Pterocarpus. All padauks are of African or Asian origin. Padauks are valued for their toughness, stability in use, and decorativeness, most having a reddish wood.


Sapele is a commonly exported and economically important African wood species,Heartwood is a golden to dark reddish brown. Color tends to darken with age.Grain is interlocked, and sometimes wavy. Fine uniform texture and good natural luster.


Native to Africa,Heartwood is medium brown, sometimes with a reddish or yellowish hue, with nearly black streaks. Upon application of a wood finish (particularly an oil finish) the wood can become very dark.Grain is straight, with a very coarse texture. Low natural luster.

American Walnut

 Also Known as American Black Walnut is a medium to large hardwood, native to the eastern regions of North America.The walnut heartwood colour ranges from a golden or light brown to dark chocolate brown colour, and sometimes with narrow streaks of a darker purplish-brown.It hasfine and generally straight-grained timber, although sometimes it has an attractive wavy or curly grain.