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Rubio Monocoat oil was developed in Izegem, in the heart of Belgium.It is a plant based natural unique wood polish because it protects the wood in one single layer. Another reason for its success is the nearly endless selection of colours

It provides wood protection based on molecular binding with the wood fiber thus enhances beauty of the wood and protects it in both interior and exterior wood.

Rubio Monocoat Wood Polish

Single Coat Application

  •  Application in just once coat,does not require sealers

  • Applicable on almost all wood surfaces

  • Easy Application 

Matte Finish

  • Does not form a plastic coating on the surface that results in a very glossy look.

Green Product

  • 0% VOC

  • Food Safe

  • No harsh fumes emitted

Enhance Wood Grains

  • With monocoat you can sense the presence of wood and feel its natural touch
  • Its molecular bonding technology enhances the natural beauty of the wood.

Easy Maintenance

  • In the case of Fading and Scratches it can be repaired with re-application using RMC Maintenance Oil or using Original Application product, does not have to re-sand the surface.

45+ Colour Options

  • It is available from Natural Colours to Pop Colors like Green, Blue,Red e.t.c,

  • Every colors can be mixed with one another to produce the color required, creating endless color options.

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